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it's homeworking time. sigh. Here's the uploads.

DT1~ Crowbar Seminar
Tasks for the week

You will be doing a lot of self-observation and world-observation this week, by paying attention to your awareness, as well as your different modes of thinking.
1. Regardless of how much "homework" you did or didn't do, reflect on your week 1. What did you learn? How was the week for you? Was it stressful? What were the highlights of the lessons of week 1?Were you able to cope with the "overload" of tasks, especially in DT1? How did you approach the tasks? Did you manage to get it all done? If not/If so, what did you do? Do an Inner Journal to reflect on your "stressful" week 1.
2. Pay attention to how you think, throughout this week, and take notes in your Inner Journal. How aware are you in general? Make use of the ABC and the STIR & I/M FAST frameworks to capture a few moments in your life.
3. Install and use the awareness meter to see if it helps improve your focus and awareness. Would you be able to use the awareness meter regularly? What did you learn that you weren't aware of previously?
One suggestion is to imagine that you are driving a "robot" or vehicle, and the awareness meter is one instrument on the dashboard, along with a set of navigational controls. Once you install it, you can use it everytime you need to.

Here's what you should do for the Crowbar Seminars. Write a report of at least 500 words to answer these questions.
a) Take note of the work (and careers) of at least 3 speakers (from at least two sessions). What are some of the"best practices" that led them to do excellent work? What are some traits and qualities and work habits they have that propel them to the forefront of the industry?
b) Do the designed works seen here at the seminar fit with the notions of Human-Centred Design you learned in HCD? Are there additional aspects of design not covered? Are there contradictions? Please note your thoughts. What is the main role of design in these works?
c) Think about some of the different modes of thinking that may have been used to come up with some of these designs. What are some essential thinking strategies they had to use to craft these ideas? Where do the lessons of DT1, VDS and DS fit into all of this/
In all of the above questions, do take note of SPECIFIC works and examples that you can write about and later discuss in class.

Read the article that she gave up and answer the issues, arguments/reasoning.
THIS IS THE CRAZIEST!!!!!!! OKAY, let's go ppl. the weightage might be heavy, but let's all not be intimidated and do our best.
3-ILLUSTRATOR HOMEWORK(due in 2 weeks)
.either the squirrel
.or draw shapes with it like last week
-Finish drawing ex4 in the betty edwards book
-online learning!!!!!
- Further practice in drawing
-There's a making sketch book one. i think it's optional. I THINK!!!!! soooo, if someone knows otherwise, please inform me. Thanks.
Here's the link:

Please read the article and answer the disscussion questions.
we have our very first quizzzz....

OH!! and please remember to read the dream weaver thingy to understand what we've been doing in class. (i honestly have no idea)

Yups, so that's sit for this week guys! 6 out of 7 modules gave us homework. ARGH!!!!

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PS: If there's anymissing info or wrong info, please let me know. Oh and my fone went for repairs... sooo if u have the need to msg me, please include your name. Thank you peeps. love ya!

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