Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey guys! This week's been tough on you guys! Hope y'all are still hanging tough and getting ready to go, cause week two's gonna be a real mess. But this posts is just to encourage you guys. Don't give up and persever okay? Things are just tough now cause we're still adjusting to poly life and all, and i can't guarentee that things are going to be better soon, but they definitely will in the future! So don;t give up guys. To those who feel like changing courses, I urge you to think through your decision carefully... Things are meant to be for a reason.

Yea... so GAMBATTE! we'll get through week one alive! Hope to see y'all on Monday, Don't die on me now.

And ashlyn, Terrific job on the blog! love you lots chairwoman!!

Makiyo, get well soon k? Did u drink lots of water? I hope u did.

Siu Yun, please think through carefully and perserver I'd be really sad if u'd leave the course. I'm sure the skill of drawing can be cultivated. Have patients and have faith gal!

Charmaine, I haven't been hearing from you but i hope u've been doing okay! This week's stressful, but hang tough! Oh, and great work for the wong li Ling project! Hee.

Chessa, How's u doing? It is a change of climate from MG huh? totally crazier. Hope u're coping better then me. My arm's like falling off haha.

L.K, How are u coping bro? Study life better then working i hope? Hang tough, i know u can.

Alex, Waiting to see what other crazy stunts you pull, so don't die on me.

Natt, Hey gal! Again, great job on the wong li ling project. U were fantastic, a great brainstormer! Haha.

Shina, gal! How's u? and sorry for cancelling off the study session. Kinda fickle minded... the load's getting to me. Thanks for being there though. Love ya.

Justin, I don;t worry about u at all man! You're prolly the most hard working kid in class. Wow, ur notes were fantastic! keep it up! I gotta learn to be like you boi.

Ariel, Hope u're doing fine. Last i heard from you were in like days!! Hope to catch the train back with you soon yea?

Vencia, I don;t worry about you too. U rival with Justin. Hardworking freaksss!!! Haha, nah, it's a good trait. I really gotta rub off you two...

Josh, Hey bro, how's work? not killing u i hope? Tone it down a little bit next week yea? But your enthusiasm is to be proud of. Keep the class going!

Pei Zhi, Hey boy... I have one goal for me and u next week. We gotta start knowing each other. I honestly have no impression of you at all boy, speak up a bit. I'm sure the class would like to hear your thoughts about matters. I'll be waiting boy!

Farah, Hey! I have a friend called farah too! haha, she's a fun and nice gal, just like you! Hope to get to know u better too. see ya tmr!

C.Y, our personal giraffe! Hee. okay, i'll quit it. And boy, remember that education is a three prongged approach. u need your peers to help u along as well. please don;t coop yourself up kay?

Ee Hwan, hey! I've been meaning to ask u, do u swim often? cause i love your skin tone. Haha, hang tough girl! I'll see u tmr k?

Cerlyn, Yo! I'll prolly see u at dover mrt waiting for Ee hwan again huh? Haha. (tsk tsk Ee Hwan) These assignments might be tough, but i know u'll be abdle to do thing in time. see ya tmr!

L.F, Hey bro! remember C.C.K mrt at 7.55 tmr! haha. see u! oh and hang tough k?

Li Juan, Hey girl! here's another goal for me that involves u. we gotta get to know each other too! I barely know much about you. I'll see u in class k? I wanna hear your voice gal!!

Whew, tt's everyone in class. my fingers are numb. That's a cue for me to stop. I'll say goodnight now guys. Hope to see y'all alive and phunking tomorrow. That's my night prayer for today haha!

The Only Mel.Ted One.

P.S: Updating the homework next week's gonna be a killer...

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